Wednesday, 24 August 2016

5 Menswear Blogs Every Guy Should Know

5 Menswear Blogs Every Guy Should Know

 A decade ago, you could count the number of men’s style bloggers on one hand. Clearly those days are long gone. Today, sifting through all of them would take an eternity. So we’ve gathered 10 that inspire us so you can bookmark them and get inspired too.

1. Whiskey Grade
Whiskey Grade has an eye for stylish pieces that possess just a hint of ruggedness. It’s a combination of modern fashion and old-school good looks. You’ll find jackets, denim, and leather goods that last a lifetime, with more than a few motorcycles littered throughout the site.

2. Well Spent
Brad Bennett has showcased his eye for quality since he started the site in 2011. Instead of crazy runway pieces, you’ll get a dose of simple, well-made staples that won’t leave your bank account empty. Scan through the archives for a slew of American-made goods, which feature an emphasis on craftsmanship.Well Spent

3. Valet.
Valet. has been curating and creating great style content for the better part of a decade. Packed into the site are features that cover everything from sales and deals to buying guides for specific garments. Despite new posts on a daily basis–and a slew of nooks and crannies to the site–everything is clean and organized.

4. Style Girlfriend
Not surprisingly, most men’s style blogs are written by … wait for it … men. While that’s great, it’s nice to have a female’s perspective. Few dish out better advice than Megan Collins and her site Style Girlfriend. The clothing picks and articles cover everything from athletic gear to dress shirts and suits. Of course, as the site says, style is about more than just clothes, so expect to find posts on fitness, barware and travel too.

5. A Continuous Lean
Michael Williams keeps quality at the forefront of everything he posts. There’s a heritage feel to almost every story and a celebration of all things Americana. If you’re looking to see what brands like Red Wing and Filson are up to, it’s one of the best places to start. A Continuous Lean.

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